Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors | Benefits and Manufacturing Processes

Importance of Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors for Your Home

Did you know there are over twenty tropical storms developed over the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea every year? While most of these storms stay far away from the shore; others make their way to populated areas, creating havoc every inch of land they touch.

During tough times like these, it is imperative that you stay inside to protect yourself and your family with our all-inclusive impact resistant products.

To ease the burden of staying wary of the hurricane, it’s best to invest in storm and hurricane protection through specialized hurricane impact front doors and windows. The addition of robust impact products can go easy on your wallet in the long run, helping you be free of hefty insurance bills, property damage, and broken infrastructure. At the end of the day, you’re definitely looking to save money in the long run on utilities, right?

Florida Hurricane Proof – The Finest Impact Resistant Products

At FHP, we are proud to deliver high quality, heavy impact resistant doors and windows to both our residential and commercial clients. Built to last, our manufacturer’s products can survive through even the most rigorous of winds and impacts, all while following the strictest Florida building codes. Over the past few years, with the help of our products, we have helped our clients enjoy a safe passage through hurricanes and heavy storms.

If you live in the South Florida area, you’re more prone to natural calamities, making it essential for you to make this investment of hurricane impact front doors!

Top-Grade Impact Resistant Doors and Windows

Made to fight off the powerful, destructive nature of hurricanes, broken windows, damaged housing, and an increased insurance bill, FHP hurricane impact front doors and windows warrant property damage mitigation. Accounting for around 10% of the entire window-and-door market, the impact products are now becoming more popular than ever before, achieving steady growth in 2020.

Due to their sturdy frames and near-to-perfect ability to withstand violent winds and windborne debris, the impact windows and doors are forcing people from around the country, especially those in Southern Florida, to invest in renovating their property. The Florida impact windows and doors not only improve your property’s quality but also give it a modern aesthetic while increasing your property value.

Anatomy of the Foolproof Hurricane Impact Doors and Windows

Florida Hurricane Proof impact front doors and windows are made using the best materials in the market. We use the strongest aluminum, which is both weather-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Providing utmost safety and comfort, the aluminum doors and windows, coupled with the innovative double lock mechanism, are worth investing in. Our double lock system is encased with two door leaves. Unlike other traditional locks, one of our door leaves is always locked for utmost home security, keeping all unwanted guests out. The best part? These lightweight fixtures require little to no maintenance and are environmentally friendly due to their recyclable properties.

In stark contrast, the existing wooden doors and windows in your house may be excellent insulators, but they require high maintenance, making them the first to break and damage amidst an unavoidable natural disaster such as that of a tropical storm.

We don’t only use aluminum in our doors and windows but also integrate the highest quality glass you can find in the market. Our impact-resistant glass has a special two-layer thick lamination, which bonds and strengthens the structure of the glass. To make things better, we have applied an insulation coating between the glass to ensure that heat energy is reflected back, keeping your house warmer during the cold, stormy nights. This type of glass is known as our “Low-E” or Heat Reflective Glass.

Advanced Manufacturing and Assembly Process

To bring you high-quality impact-resistant solutions, we have partnered with some of the most experienced suppliers in the market. We work with the big names, which are EMC, Lawson Industries Inc., and ES, ES Windows, and Mr.Glass, to make our dream of securing your property possible.

The process is simple. With the help of some of the most specialized engineers, high-quality raw materials are handpicked and turned into robust final products. During the entire process, various strategic designers are consulted, who help in constructing personalized hurricane impact front doors and windows. The entire manufacturing and assembly process is streamlined with the help of some of the most professional people in the market. For utmost quality assurance, the process takes longer than usual, going up to around eight weeks, but in the end, we deliver foolproof impact-resistant products to your doorstep.

Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

  • Increases Safety By Tenfold: During dangerous and life-threatening situations like hurricanes and storms, impact windows and doors are a necessity, mainly to keep unwanted storm debris and dust particles out of your house. By protecting your property from being badly damaged, the impact-resistant fixtures help warrant your safety.
  • Provides Protection Against Intruders: With impact-resistant products, you can easily keep the intruders out. Stay clear of break-ins with the advanced technology rendered robust glass integrated into your impact resistant windows and doors’ fittings.
  • Notably Reduces Structural Damage: If you previously had debris, rocks, and tree limbs fly through your property’s building, you’re aware of how damaging that can be to your house. Even if you haven’t yet experienced such a terrifying occurrence, it’s best to warrant your future security as soon as possible, as you definitely don’t want to get in the hassle of sweeping out dust and debris after the storm is over. Install the hurricane impact front doors and windows to stay clear of structural damage to your beloved property.
  • Decreases Insurance Costs: With higher property protection, you will be able to save thousands of dollars on your hefty insurance bills during the hurricane season. Price reductions may vary on your Home Insurance provider.
  • Improves Overall Property Value: Today, potential buyers and realtors prefer properties with high value and damage control. Hence, by installing an advanced mechanism as such, you will be able to improve your property’s value in a short time.
  • Reduces UV-Damage To Property: If you live in Florida, there is a high probability the harsh sunlight can cause structural damage to your possessions over time . Protect your hard-earned assets by installing our Florida impact windows and doors, made to instantly filter UV materials.

Weighing Impact Resistant Fittings Against Shutters

Since impact resistant doors and windows are made using the highest quality materials, they can slightly rack up on your renovations’ bill. In contrast, shutters appeal to the majority of the property owners because of their easy installation and inexpensive nature. However, if weighed properly, keeping in mind the long-run conditions, impact-resistant doors, and windows are a far better investment.

The Hassle of Finding A Fitter: Every house is made uniquely with a different dimension. Hence, to install the perfect shutter that lines up correctly and protects your home thoroughly, it can be quite tricky and expensive to find the right fitter.
Requires Extensive Storage Space: Due to their bulky features, shutters can require a lot of storage space at home, making them extremely inconvenient.
Ruins the Property’s Aesthetic Appeal: Without a doubt, installing a thick, metal enclaved shutter over your doors and windows can substantially reduce the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Florida Hurricane Proof’s All-Inclusive Impact Doors and Windows

So, after browsing through our comprehensive guide, are you satisfied with the decision to invest in hurricane impact front doors and windows?

We offer a wide range of impact-resistant products, all of which warrant to maximize your utility. Be it a French door with custom color and finishes, a sliding door with a slight tint, or an entryway door with UV protection, Florida Hurricane Proof’s impact windows and doors has got it all! Our all-inclusive impact-resistant solutions will undoubtedly wow you.

Entrust us to assist you in choosing the right impact doors and windows from the given endless options. Contact us today to get in touch with our customer representative for an in-depth review of our products.

Stay safe and be smart!