Top 3 Hurricane Impact Door Designs and Unique Styling

How to Create Unique Front Doors for Your Property

The importance of your front door should never be underestimated. They are the main entry point to your property, for your family, guests but they also do a lot more. They act as the main focal point of your property. Think about how your property is laid out.

Your doors are designed to keep uninvited guests, such as intruders, animals, and the elements out. Focusing on that last point, right here in Florida, that means storms and hurricanes. As hurricane season normally runs from the start of June to November, you want to ensure that your property and family are suitably protected from harsh storms that make landfall.

Many people look for a door as unique as their home – something different than that of their neighbors. They feel their door might lack individuality and may not have a particularly nice or aesthetically pleasing finish. The truth is, you can have unique impact doors.
First, let’s look at some of the great benefits you can get from investing in impact hurricane doors. Aside from, of course, the fact that they will protect your home, family, and belongings from terrible storms.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors

Besides the obvious benefits of installing impact windows and doors for helping your home and family from the onslaught of storms and hurricanes, there are a number of advantages to installing impact hurricane doors. We have briefly highlighted five of the main pros of buying impact windows and doors below.

  • Reduce the cost of your insurance: who doesn’t like to save some money on increasing insurance costs? When you install an impact hurricane door, some companies will offer rebates and savings on your premiums.
  • Safety: impact hurricane doors, when installed properly, provide industry-leading protection against all forms of storms, but they also provide protection against unwanted intruders and burglars
  • Noise Reduction – while it’s true that impact windows and doors will not cut out all noise, they will substantially reduce it.
  • Energy Efficiency – impact hurricane doors and windows and also help to regulate heat levels in your home. During hot Floridian summers, they help to keep the heat out, and during the winter and colder periods of the year, they help to retain heat.
  • Increase The Value of Your Property – this may not be at the forefront of your mind, but as homes and the doors and windows you buy for them are investments. At some point, you may want to sell your home, impact hurricane doors and windows will help increase the value.

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Impact Door Unique

It may be obvious from the benefits above why you would want to invest in impact windows and doors for your home. You may be concerned, given what we said at the outset, about how your impact hurricane door will actually look. The great thing is, about all doors, including impact hurricane doors, you can do things to make them stand out and look unique.

Below, we have outlined three ways.

1. Opt for a French Style Hurricane Impact Door

You could, like many Floridian homeowners, choose a French-style door. If you are unfamiliar with this style, they are a type of door that is built into two sections that are pivoted on hinged mounted on the opposite sides of the framing and open and close in the middle. They are a great choice because they allow a lot of natural light to flow into your home and brighten up the front of your home. Compared to a sliding patio door option, they create a wide opening and symmetrical opening.

2. Order a Door Design

Another way that you can differentiate your door from others that you can buy and really make them stand out is by the intricacies of their design. At Florida Hurricane Proof, for example, we have a Door Design Catalog. From there, you can choose from a variety of different designs for the impact hurricane door you have installed in place of your existing front door.

For example, there are many great options for door glass decorations for single entry doors in a variety of colors, including bronze, white and double-entry double doors in various colors too.

Our Top Sellers are the Arnold, Jagger, and Ralph designs.

3. Install Premium Handles

Another more intricate way that you can differentiate the impact hurricane door you have installed as your front door is by choosing a unique and premium quality handle. The door pulls available from Florida Hurricane Proof are made from high-density stainless-steel 305 and alloy material (316) which are not just very strong, but also resistant to all kinds of stains in dry and wet conditions, corrosion, and rust.

Another great option that will help to make your impact hurricane door is our exclusive and very exquisite ladder offset handles.


So, if you are worried about protecting your home from the storms and hurricanes that homeowners in Florida regularly have to contend with but are worried your door won’t stand out from your neighbors, speak to the team at Florida Hurricane Proof. As outlined above, there are three different effective ways you can improve and enhance your front door to make it look different from the others.

By choosing a French Style Impact Hurricane door over more traditional options, you get the benefit of those larger panes of glass to let lighter in. Further to that, if you choose an interesting and unique design from the huge selection we have here, you can customize it to match how the rest of your property looks.

Finally by choosing an interesting handle, whether it’s one of the simple but elegant stainless steel pulls available from Florida Hurricane Proof, or perhaps one of the great ladder offset handles, you can give any impact hurricane door a unique and personal touch that matches your own style and preferences.