Sliding Glass Doors Vs French Doors For Your Home

Are Sliding Glass Doors Right For Your Home?

Are you interested in benefiting from more natural light in your property, particularly around the back, creating more of a bridge than a barrier between the inside and outside world? One great way to do this would be to invest in sliding glass doors. This is an extremely popular option with homeowners as replacements for traditional back doors.

What Are Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors provide easier and quicker access between the interior and exterior of a property, while also helping increase the flow of fresh air and natural light into the property.

Part of what makes them so attractive to homeowners is they require less framework in general than standard doors and even bi-fold doors. Furthermore, they do not require the same amount of space at either side of the door as bi-fold or traditional doors do.

While some consider sliding glass doors with screens for their patio areas, others prefer French Impact Style double doors. it really depends on how the space around their home is used. If there’s limited space between their patio door and the property (if their house is small or there’s a table close to the door), they’ll opt for a French door because both doors can open.

Which is Best – Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors or Sliding Glass Doors with Screens

Which is best, though? Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors or having sliding glass doors with screens installed onto them? While the choice you make for your own property if you’re interested in sliding glass doors, will come down to personal preference and what’s right for your house, we have put together a list of the pros and cons of each below to give you a better idea.

Pros and Cons of Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors


  • Additional height – when you choose vertical blinds for smaller windows, it can make them look larger. As the majority of sliding glass doors tend to be tall and wide, this may not be a problem. The great thing about vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, however, is they can help to make them look more sophisticated, especially if they are made to measure and cover the entire width and height of the window.
  • Easy to use – one of the reasons you may have chosen sliding glass doors in the first place was because they are so easy to use. The same can be said of vertical blinds. You can adjust them to allow just the right amount of light and fresh air into your home.
  • Easy to clean – not only are they easy to use, but they are easy to clean too. Many can just be wiped down with a damp cloth or cleaning solution without them being taken down.
  • Easy to replace – as they are unlikely to last forever, it is good to know if your vertical blinds get damaged or start to show signs of wear and tear, you can often replace single panels without needing to buy a new full set of blinds


  • Noisier – due to their design and the way the panels hang, when they are open any breeze from outside or from a fan in your home can cause them to move and hit against each other, causing what could be irritating noises. This may be more of a problem if you’re considering vertical blinds for sliding glass doors in your bedroom. A problem you won’t have with sliding glass doors with screens.
  • Deteriorate Quicker and Easier – again, because of their design and the way the panels hang down, they often against each other, causing quicker wear and tear
  • Privacy Issues – when they are closed completely, as long as they overlap, vertical blinds can offer a lot of privacy. However, when they are open or the window or door they are covering is open, gaps can occur between the different panels, compromising somewhat your privacy.

sliding glass door or french door benefits list


Pros and Cons of Sliding Glass Doors with Screens


  • Keep the flies out – One of the things many homeowners like about sliding glass doors with screens over vertical blinds for sliding glass doors and other window treatments is the fact they allow the fresh air to come through, but not the annoying flies and other insects.
  • Privacy without compromising your view or sunlight – When you want privacy and have vertical blinds for sliding glass doors, you need to close them to achieve this. That means you miss out on natural sunlight and views of the outside world. With certain styles of sliding glass doors with screens, you can still get all the benefits of the view and the sunlight shining through, while maintaining your privacy.
  • Easy to install – as they don’t require a special track or pole to be hung from and adhere to the windows without too much hassle, privacy screens are easy enough to install.


  • Harder to keep clean – unless you invest in a privacy screen that can be washed easily, you may have to remove the screen before cleaning your windows

Benefits of Choosing Hurricane Impact Sliding Doors

Now that we have looked at the many ways you can protect your privacy and control the amount of light and insects entering your home with sliding glass doors, if you’re still on the fence about them, consider these benefits.

Reduced Insurance Costs

As impact windows and sliding glass doors are highly regarded windstorm protective systems, many insurance companies will offer reductions on your premiums just for having them installed in your home.


As well as withstanding hurricanes, impact sliding glass doors can also protect your home from intruders and burglars, due to the multiple layers of glass used in their construction. Penetration and shattering are very difficult.

Noise Reduction

It’s not just intruders that impact sliding glass doors keep out, as they can also keep out unwanted noises from the outside world. This is noteworthy if you live on or close to a busy road or highway.

Energy Efficiency

One thing that most homeowners in Florida are always looking for is a way to reduce their energy bills, particularly during those hot summers. Impact sliding glass doors reduce the level of solar heat gain on the hotter days while retaining warmth inside the home on those cooler days when you really need it.


So, whether you’re looking to have vertical blinds for sliding glass doors or sliding glass doors with screens, it may be a real benefit to your home and lifestyle having these hassle-free and modern alternatives to traditional doors.