You’re looking for a new Hurricane Impact Door that protects your family in style, we’ve got you covered. You’ll probably find that there are more benefits to Hurricane Impact Doors than you might have originally thought.

Why Impact doors?

  • Built to withstand Hurricanes with fierce wind speeds. This is done through the type of material our frames and glass are made from.
    Please note: Each manufacturer has different NOAs with varying wind speed pressure and comparable features.
  • Protect your Family and Home. During a storm, it’s important to ensure your windows and doors can withstand harsh wind speeds. Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors do just that while keeping a clean design and are always ready, unlike shutters which have to be closed in anticipation of a Hurricane.
  • Insurance Benefits Most Home Insurance companies understand the safety benefits and value of installing hurricane impact windows and doors. So, they incentivize this investment with a discount.
  • Increase Home Resale Value Purchasing hurricane impact windows and doors is a process some homeowners believe to be too difficult of a process. Since FHP Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors facilitates the process, you’re in a position to take on this task with ease. In addition, the added safety features of hurricane impact windows and doors are a valuable selling point for potential homeowners.
hurricane impact doors with ralph door design installed

Hurricane Impact Door Designs

If you’re looking to make your front door unique, check out our 25+ design catalog. With a variety of options, you can ensure your door will be different from your neighbor’s. Each design complements the existing full view style of our Hurricane Impact Doors but you’re able to select the design that best fits the style of your home and personal aesthetic. If you’re struggling to decide, our Top Sellers are the “Ralph” and “Arnaldo” designs.

Premium Door Design Catalog

Premium Door Handles

The first touch to your door should be impactful. Handles for your front door can especially elevate your home’s entrance with elegance and sophistication. You will have a grand entrance for your family and guests to enjoy. Check out the different models we offer below in our catalog.

Pro Tip: Combine Door Design and Handles to get the most elegant and unique door.

Premium Door Handle Catalog

Why Hurricane Impact Doors?

The clearest benefit of impact doors is against break-ins and forced entry. Since the door is made from aluminum and a thicker glass than most doors, thieves will have a difficult time attempting to break an entry. While this is a definite advantage, more important to many families is the protection these doors offer during hurricane season. From excessive wind forces or flying debris, our impact doors are designed to withstand the most unforgiving elements and keep your family protected.

Impact doors are also a great investment in your home. If you’re looking at sliding glass doors, french doors, or a single door with glass panels, these hurricane-resistant glass options will help better insulate your home and their protection can increase your property value. This means saving money on your energy bill and potentially earning more when selling your home. Many insurance policies will also provide discounts if the exterior openings of the home are protected with hurricane impact products.

The Hurricane Impact Doors in South Florida

Installing hurricane impact glass for your home is an excellent way to further protect your family and ensure you remain safe during the fiercest storms. With the addition of potential savings, these doors make for an excellent way to invest in your home as they often increase property value.

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