Natural lighting is a great way to brighten your home and create a warm ambiance. Living in Florida, the Sunshine State, sunrays are not shy and can penetrate your home with heat and UV rays. Luckily, our glass is built to block most UV rays, and with a Low-E film, you can save on your electricity bill.

UV rays affect the colors of your furniture. For instance, over time, your rugs may lose the vibrant color you originally purchased them with because of the sun’s UV rays. And the sun’s heat rays can be lessened through our Low-E film as it blocks most of the heat that is transmitted as it enters the home.

During hurricane season, windows can also be a big concern – especially if one has them spread throughout the house. While hurricane shutters require one to anticipate a storm and close the shutter of each window, an impact window is always ready. This is because of the type of glass that is used for hurricane impact windows. With beautiful and functional impact windows installed at your home, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure.

Hurricane impact arch and horizontal rolling window installed in a home

Protecting Your Home

If you’re looking to keep your home’s curb appeal while offering the protection and security you need, hurricane impact windows can do just that. Its clean design is a great alternative to the bulky appearance most hurricane shutters have. These hurricane proof windows are built to stand up to the strongest storms and keep your home safe from the elements. Whether vinyl or aluminum, you’ll find these windows offer resilience from water corrosion and provide superior longevity.

Beyond just the clean and strong design, these hurricane proof windows are built to withstand debris that can strike your home through the hurricane force winds. The durability of these windows is just one of the many reasons people choose to upgrade.

Beyond Durability

While most homeowners look to upgrade their windows for the durability we previously mentioned, it’s also important to note the harmony it can keep for the design of your home. With many styles to choose from, our impact windows are some of the most aesthetically pleasing options on the market today. We carry two different colors: Bronze and White which are bound to coordinate with any exterior painting of a home. This way, not only are you upgrading the safety of your home but providing a warmer and welcoming feeling for your guest and family.

Reducing Energy Costs

The energy-saving factor is another key reason people choose impact windows over more traditional options such as shutters. Most people have the misconception that a heavier tint on glass blocks more sunlight. However, the tint is not always directly correlated to UV blocking.

The double-pane glass in impact windows is built to filter out harmful UV ray lights. This prevents some heat from entering your home and is especially good in reducing energy costs over the summer. The thicker windows mean better insulation, which helps keep in the cool air and blocks warm air from entering the home.

Team member holding hurricane impact glass sample

Other Advantages of Impact Windows

An additional advantage to impact glass is the noise reduction it provides. From blocking out the sound of a neighbor’s dog, reducing road-noise, or keeping your home better insulated from outside distractions, these windows can give you a better sense of privacy.

Impact glass is also built to withstand break-ins, flying debris, and more, which can translate to less risk of damages. Most insurance companies consider all these benefits and offer to lower your annual insurance premium.

Selecting Your Hurricane Proof Windows

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for impact windows, we carry several manufacturers that can help fit your needs. Providing different style options to fit your home, these windows were tested and passed inspections to ensure they afford the best protection possible for your home. Remember, not all impact glass is created equal and we look to ensure your home is protected with only the best.

The Best Miami Impact Windows

We offer financing through Hearth and offer a three-year guarantee for your Hurricane Impact Windows. If you want Miami impact windows installed by local professionals, you won’t find a better selection or more competitive prices anywhere. Call us today for a quote or schedule your free estimate today.

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