CONTRACT & CONDITIONS: 60% deposit; balance due upon delivery unless otherwise noted. There will be a 10% charge for all canceled orders for stock products and 50% for non-stock products. Lead times are but not limited to 6 – 8 weeks as orders can be delayed due to supplier delays or acts of God. If any changes are to be made to the order, please contact us to accommodate the situation. ALL and ANY deposits will legally bind you to this contract. All bills are due and payable upon the finished product being installed. A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed on all outstanding balances, which are due for 30 days or more. KINGTANA IMPACT WINDOWS & DOORS is not liable for the incorrect measurements given by a customer who is installing their own product. Incorrect installations from installers that do not work for KINGTANA IMPACT WINDOWS & DOORS can also cause stress cracks on glass, which is not covered by KINGTANA IMPACT WINDOWS & DOORS. 3% MONTHLY STORAGE FEE for all products. The purchaser grants to seller a purchase money security interest in the product(s) described above, which shall be deemed personal property. Seller shall be entitled to recover the costs of collections for any amounts due and owing under this agreement or in conjunction with the agreement, including, but not limited to: attorney’s fee, court costs, and any other costs of collections. Balances must be paid before the installation of windows. Clear access to the installation location must be provided by the purchaser. If obstructions, including but not limited to: fences, gates, landscaping, underground, overhead wires, A/C units are present, additional charges may apply. Purchaser accepts full responsibility for damages to or incurred by obstacles that have not been removed and for utilities that interfere with anchor/window installation. It is also the purchaser’s responsibility to check and comply with building and zoning permit requirements and deed restrictions in files of record. Purchaser accepts full responsibility for reviewing order color, items, and any other details made by the purchaser on the order. Purchaser accepts full responsibility in checking products for any defects from the factory upon delivery. In consideration of the foregoing, the purchaser does hereby unconditionally agree to indemnify and hold harmless seller, and its officers, directors, and employees from and against any and all liability, claims, demands, judgments, awards, costs, attorney’s fees, or any other damages arising from, or related to, or on account of the installation of purchaser’s windows, including without limitation, property damage, bodily injury or death, regardless of the cause and regardless of whether or not caused by any negligence of any persons who purchase from Kingtana Impact Windows and Doors.